Wednesday, May 4, 2011

About SonaOne himself..

Firstly, I'm sure many of you guys have come across the name SonaOne when grooving to your favourite choice of local music, but how much do we actually know about him? The fact that he's more into underground music rather than getting mainstream makes it even tougher for us to gain more information about him. Well.. after a little bit of searching, I managed to find out a wee bit of information about SonaOne, or rather Mikael Adam Rafae.

Name : Mikael Adam Rafae
Date of birth : 30th November 1988
Age (2011) : 23
Place of birth : Kuantan
Hometown : Petaling Jaya
Record Label : Kartel Records
Album Genre : Hip Hop/Rap
Facebook : SonaOne

Here's a rather detailed biography from his Facebook page :

Thanks to an awesome Mom who used to be a choreographer, Sona developed his refined taste in music from a very young age, snooping on his mother while she would dig through her crates searching for grooves to use for her dance routines.

There are quite alot of other stories in between, but he doesn't have the time to explain.
Anyway, years came to pass, until Sona reached the age of 10, when he discovered Graffiti art whilst living in his FatherLand, France. This eventually led to his discovery of Hip Hop culture and music, and sure enough, SonaOne dabbled in every aspect of the artform : a short stint behind turntables, a pathetic attempt at becoming a breakdancer, and a shot at writing ridiculous rhymes.

Somehow, by age 13, Sona found himself making beats with a fellow classmate, never quitting the practice until today, as well as the previously mentioned ridiculous rhyming (then again, "ridiculous" is subjective).

Having slowly worked his way through the scene primarily as a graffiti artist, SonaOne also started producing tracks for local rap duo Dose Two's debut album "Ordinary Heroes", and began working on solo projects.

Through a long affiliation with Malaysia's premier Hip Hop label, SonaOne was inducted into the high order of Kartel Records as a recording artist, and is set to release his debut album, "Modern Day Hippie", currently in the process of recording, iin the first half of 2010.
Til then, KABLAMO!!

SonaOne is DEFINITELY the best rapper in the country right now. Hmm, or should I call him.. RhymeStein? 


  1. big shoutout for the homie~
    i myself stumbled on the dude when i was watching hitz tv. The main thing that attracted me to Sona was the fact that he was a half-french Malaysian and his preview of "Alamak" at the end of the show. As i dug deeper, i was pleased to find Sona's music was different than the pop-mixed shit Hip-Hop we have today.
    Hope Sona keeps making great hits in years to come. peace!

  2. That's great to hear man :) I stumbled across his song 'Huh' first, and since that, I've been a big fan of him. Thanks for supporting both Sona, and this blog mate!

  3. Undeniably the best there is right now. No offence, Caprice has effort and all that shit, but his rhymes and music could never level up to Sona. This is only the beginning of SonaOne. I sense we're all gonna see a lot more of him in the coming future. Yes, 'HUH' was the track that attracted me to his music too.