Wednesday, May 4, 2011

About this blog, and everything else...

Hey there!

      Alright, I'm sure you'd be wondering what's actually up with this whole blog, aren't you? Well.. the main idea of this blog is to actually provide maximum amount of content regarding our local rapper, and upcoming artist SonaOne. This includes news, updates, song lyrics, videos, as well as collaborations with other artists and deejays.

      My main goal is to actually help people realize that SonaOne has much more talent than most of the wannabe rappers that we've seen over the past couple of years. He's got his own swag, but most importantly, his killer rhymes are the one that attract the attention of many. He has the ability to twist words, use double meanings and wittily express himself using creative words, be it in proper English, or in slang terms.

For those doubting his skills, here are several examples :
1) " .. Snort a line dope, and I could change my name to cocaine" (Huh) - If you don't think this is dope, you don't know rap.
2) " .. Watch me blow this bitch up, like I run Malaysia" (Huh) - Any Malaysian would understand this
3) " .. Fuck it girlfriend, I'm gettin' wild with your nieces" (Flyer Than Your G6)
4) " .. I want a girl that make me cum twice.... Jeeeeesus" (Flyer Than Your G6)
5) " .. Kinda like a genius, you can call me RhymeStein" (2010) - An obvious reference to Albert Einstein
6) " .. Now here's another 'rapplication' for your Facebook" (2010) - The world application is cleverly twisted here.

     The carefree manner in which he expresses himself attracts a lot of attention, and his sick and catchy rhymes seem to have gotten him many fans. I sure am one of his fans. Are you? :)

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  1. I'm a big fan of SonaOne too! And your blog has helped me so much! Thank you and keep it up!