Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Huh - SonaOne" Lyrics (Ill Legal Downloads)

Eh yo global city waddup.. ?
Mr. Miller I see ya',
Ya'll wanna know something?
Check it out... yeah.

My flow great, fresher than a tube of Colgate,
I'm so blazed plus I'm colder than a snow flake,
Flyin' high on the purple, like Soul Plane,
Snort a line dope, I could change my name to cocaine.

Why would I lie now, people I am so honest,
My rhyme sick, type that wanna make you belch vomit,
My light shining so bright I could grow chronic,
I got the force like Star Wars and Soul Sonic,

I keep it rockin' till the crack of dawn,
House party bitches horny like saxophone,
Shawty need a bit of juice in your glass of rum,
You can stay over, you ain't need to ask your mum,

Now to say that I'm the best is an understatement,
I'm kinda like the bomb in the London station,
I'm in abomination like the son of Satan,
Watch me blow this bitch up like I run Malaysia,

Guess what? I ain't never gon' leave,
Remain steady like a telephone beep,
Suffocate you till you never gon' breathe,
Set the level up so high you never gon' reach,

SonaOne bang it on your iTunes,
You make it rain, bitch I'm like a typhoon,
Skipped a couple of stations on the road to success,
But this train ain't stoppin anytime soon now..

Biatches..... That's right,
Just a little something.. for now,

What the fuck is up with oatmeal on Twitter?
The fuck is up with that.. ? Uh?
Eyy yeahh... and Caprice, what's good man?
Hold on a minute.

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