Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ill Legal Downloads Vol. II

Not enough of ill tracks from SonaOne? Well, stop weeping under your bed guys, and don't ya' guys plan on suiciding. Nope, you guys don't have to do a Stan, cause SonaOne's out with a mixtape that'll blow you away just the way Osama bi- .. Um, I'll leave that joke for later.

Ill Legal Downloads vol. II Track List

1) It's Cool - SonaOne ft Karmal
2) I'm Not Boastin' - SonaOne ft Karmal
3) Smash - SonaOne
4) Kush - SonaOne ft Karmal (Prod. Jay Walia)
5) Crazy - SonaOne
6) Mango - SonaOne ft Karmal
7) Forbidden Fruit - SonaOne
8) Never - SonaOne ft Karmal
9) Moving Weight - SonaOne
10) Sumo - SonaOne ft Karmal
11) It's not 1976 - SonaOne
12) Can't Sleep - SonaOne ft Karmal
13) Whoo - SonaOne
14) Get High - SonaOne ft Karmal
15) Up Here - SonaOne ft Karmal
16) Super High - SonaOne ft Rick Ross (Bonus Remix)

Ill Legal Downloads Vol. II : Download Link

So there you have it. Not 10, not 12, not 14, but 16 fresh new tracks from SonaOne and his crew. Karmal is heavily featured in this album as well following their really well done track, "Flyer Than A G6" in SonaOne's previous mixtape. Ummph.. enough of my rants. Oh yeah! About the Osama joke, well... erm actually never mind. I think I'll skip that.