Sunday, May 8, 2011

"It's Cool - SonaOne ft Karmal" Ill Legal Downloads vol. II

What's good Malaysia? Double X Line Line

Two fingers in the air, to the people I know,
Middle finger to the people who hate when I flow,
My future's so bright, it's like a light show,
My eyes are fucked up, I need an eyemo,

You be amazing, you see me, I glow,
And a lotta bugs follow, everywhere that I go,
I see a lotta clowns, but I'm putting on a frown,
They'd be actin' like hoes, every time I come around,

My head is why ya' hate, you can always fry me,
But now it's kinda light, higher than a kite be,
My rhymes are draft, oh well, I pick them nicely,
And I give her lotta soul, I treat em' nicely,

And I feed them world, just to make you so fat,
But they act a fool, cause I'm ill and so bad,
When I'm feeling really down, they'd be 'Sona so sad',
But they'll still be killing yours, cause they still a soul mad

Not a single one of you, cask and I'll do me,
My shit raw, like I'm crappin' out sushi,
We gotta do, we gotta pass a round to me,
Cause' I'm the shit babe, black and brown poopie,

Double X line line, is perfection,
Whatchu do in five years, I can find in a second,
Everybody got their hands in the sky, like they stretchin',
No stressin', being fly is my profession,

(I got some eagle here, get  me bananas now?),
Knock me out, now I'm lookin' like a panda bear,
Twenty eleven is in a couple of seconds,
I'm also twenty thirty shit, ya'll just stuck in 07'

Hotter than the move, on the fever patients,
Flow sick and they can be contagious,
We be doing bigger things, ya'll a bunch of haters,
Twenty two's still winning and you can blame it on the (lasers?)

haha.. if you think we're done, then you're stupid,

Yeah.. uh uhh.. twenty.. eleven,

Back in the mist, with the right mixes,
Bitches all around, trying to take pictures,
You prolly heard of us, maybe from the stitches,
Twenty two's in sound, we'd be hider than the bitches,

We be bangin' on the speakers all loud,
Finally made it now my teachers all proud,
Competition just begun I'm going all out,
Call me 'pencuri', cause' I stole your crowd,

It's magic when I think, cause I'll be pullin' out tricks,
So you don't wanna blink, you might lose your chick,
She might end up in a room on top of my dick,
All night, up to noon, just chillin' at my crib,

Cold Storage flow, I'm some Tesco shit,
Cruising on this beat, let me test those whips,
It's brought time up, on this Fresco shit,
Whoever taught an Asian kick and flow so sick,

Yeah my flow is like God, with an extra O,
I'd be rappin' like placenta got this freshest flow,
Double X line line, you's an X and O,
C'est toi qui cherche la merde! Buat 'relax je dohhhh',

Everybody wants a taste of my Tuna Spaghetti,
I'm so cold, I could form a crew with The Yeti,
The machinery that I manoeuvre is heavy,
Ey yo I stay where the (??) glued to the tele cause...

A lotta things changed from the days at (handburners?)
Now I'm raising stakes up, and I ain't flippin' burgers,
SonaOne's on your list of people that you need to murder,
Doesn't concern her, but I got more beef than Tina Turner,

You's a sheep and I be rollin' with a fleet of (?)
Use your real (?) with the nicopee to fill your servers,
I deserve more than a round of applause,
Cause' I'm the closest muthafuckin' thing that sounded like God!

Hahh.... yessur

Two o, eleven man.. you know what it is.

It's SonaOne and Karmal again bay...

Note : C'est toi qui cherche la merde = It's you who's looking for shit! (Thanks to Pedro for this. Cheers man)

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