Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Be With You - SonaOne" Lyrics (Tuna Spaghetti)

I want you to be (Yeahh), with me... (uhhh),

See I just like to be alone, but I'm feeling kinda lonely,
Sitting home, waiting for a booty call to taunt me,
I need some (Samoa?), from Chile with my homies,
Ladies "come" over every door, where my home is,

I got a chick who look like Angelina Jolie,
Psychoass bitch made me duplicate my own keys,
(I want you to be, with me.... )
Ey yo, what the fuck was I thinking, and better yet, what was I drinking?
When I'm (benjin?) I got a tendency for spending on women,

Cause I'll be high, and she speaks, so I pretend that I'm listening,
And agree on something stupid, and in the end I give in,
Can't keep my hands off the muthafuckin' cookie jar,
Daymmmm, forgot all about my booty call (ah haaah)

(I want you, to be, with me... )

I got a chick for every single fantasy of mine,
When I see your cam, bitches shake your ass in real time,
Uh, I got this hippie bitch I get it on with,
I got a freak who like to do it watching porn flicks,

Don't wanna live with my misses, but now I live with her,
She be like Claire Bennet, I can't get rid of her,
(I want you to be, with me) Yeah.. uhh,
I gotta find a way to ditch her, it's what I gots to do,
She a lovin' kinda women, but she reminds me of a prostitute,

What can I say yo, I'm quick to play the pimp card,
'specially if your nipples (top into?) your pink bra,
Yo that's the thing braahhh, I gotta think smart,
Ey yo I think with my dick, now you got me thinking hard,

(I want you to be with me)

I got a, habit of juggling twin multiple women,
Looking for jumbo sex, round like I was fuckin' a given,
See I'm a muthafuckin' cock hoopie looking for chickens,
A lot of fish in the sea, bitch I'm muthafuckin' fishin'

Need a body like America, imma be a pilgrim,
Cancel on the stork, cause' tonight I'm making children.
(I want you to be, with me) Hahaha

Yeah, forgive me father for my sinnin, women they tough to resist,
But if I had it your way, I'd have a couple of Keith (Keith as in a fat joint?),
Been a couple of weeks now, that I've been stuck with this bitch,
Can't stand the way she fake, like the stuff in her teeth,

Uhh.. Avra Kedabra, get the fuck above me,
I need a chick to keep me up without Viagra or a cup of coffee..
(I want you to be, with me)

I just wanna sleep with all these bitches, all you bitches,
Don't want a girl in my life, just one, ten, twenty, thirty?
As many chicks as I want, as many chicks as I want..
(I want you to be with me)

SonaOne.... Double X line line, eyyy...
It's the fresh shit, yeahh..

Kartello Hello..

(I want you to be with me..)

*Feel free to hit me up if there are any corrections you wish to make to the lyrics. Spent a lot of time cracking this one.. *

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