Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Flyer Than Your G6 - SonaOne ft Karmal" Lyrics (Tuna Spaghetti)


Yeah.. This is the South East Asia Movement,
Double-X line line.. Kartello Hello!

Yeahh... Uhhh... Oww,

Muthafucka I'd be flyer than a G6,
Like a sample, how I slice you into pieces,
Uhh, I get more head than where the fleas is,
Fuck it girlfriend I'm gettin' wild with your nieces,

Sicker than the measles, find me where the weed is,
Better have the good shit, I only smoke the greenest,
Shawty got a apple bum, smoother than a fish is,
I want a girl that make me cum twice... Jeeeeesus,

Now I bet you slassy, you fuckin with the cheapest,
I can tell how much she costs by lookin at her cleavage,
By lookin' at her ass I know how many men she sleep with,
Your girl lies, but she's the type that tells me secrets,

New school player, no professor can teach it,
Uh, my words get the ladies wetter than beaches,
Twenty two's coming out, you feel like kicking like a fetus,
We too used to breakin' loose, no prison can keep us.


Fly Like a G6 (Repeat)


I'm the flyest in here, but I don't work for NASA,
Tonight I'm aiming girls, with the body of a dancer,
Gotta play my game right, don't wanna get my chance fucked,
Too many ladies all around, you know I gotta man up,

I'm fresher than the fruits that you keep in the fridge,
Your friend is kinda cute, but I don't date a crazy bitch,
I'm fly like a G6, another type of species,
Yeah I'm THE shit, but I'm not talking (faeces)

So I hit a few, will make you think I'm from the future,
I'm here for you chicks, I'm the muthafuckin' butcher,
Holla at my man, Mr. Kimmy gonna shootcha,
Make me wanna play my stick and balls, snooker,

Lines from a dark mind, call me black cord,
My dick is the plane, and your pussy is the airport,
Sex ED time, ladies lookin' at the blackboard,
Cheer for this leader, make me famous like a mascot.


Fly Like a G6 (Repeat)

Sick beat, sick track, and lyrically... brilliant!

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