Thursday, May 5, 2011

"6 Cents - SonaOne" Ill Legal Downloads


Yeah.. Yeahh.. Yeahhhh

Uh.. feel the heat, no that is not the sunshine,
Eardrums burnin' when you hear a SonaOne round,
I am not a new face, but the sound is new to ya'll,
Somethin' so special, something outta the usual,

(Silence?) all money throwing, (silence?) so beautiful,
Out of this world, in the clouds like a UFO,
Bring a shawty back home, every time I do a show,
Motion in the ocean shawty, let the barracuda flow,

Burn a bundle slow, stack green watch the 'mullen' grow,
Quick to follow dough, of the deuce, do it super slow,
Everywhere they doing gold, I'll be going to and fro'
Cause money's the rule of all, evil and it rule the globe,

I ain't even made it yet, already got them haters,
Talkin' shit behind my back but, that shit is so Malaysian,
Is it an overstatement if I claim to be the dopest?
Nope, and anybody who's ever listened to me would know it..

(Girl voice)

Note : I'm not too sure about the 3rd paragraph. Just assumed the words as they seem to fit in pretty well.
Bundale : Place where you smoke weed with your 420 boys
Mullen : Weed
Deuce : Second hit of your marijuana joint


  1. who the hell are you people kidding? everyone knows that yous yourselves manages this blog and the facebook account. apa daaa..

  2. Actually mate, SonaOne doesn't manage this blog. Neither does Karmal. Or anybody related to XXII. I do. I manage this blog, and I type down the lyrics here. If SonaOne were the owner of this blog, why would there be any mistakes in the lyrics at all?

  3. well that was the give away. and there's nothing wrong with that, mate. that marketing strategy. gl

  4. Well, I honestly have no idea why you'd think SonaOne manages this blog, when he RARELY is online. I'm just a huge fan of his, and I decided to work on this blog. Yes, I do contact him for information regarding song lyrics, and such, but as I mentioned earlier, he's rarely online.

  5. And.. if you still don't believe me, I can always give you my fb, and I can show you prove that I run this blog.