Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Design, New Content, New.. Everything!

Hey guys! Thanks for constantly visiting this blog (the statistics have been steadily improving!), and those who've been here a couple of times before might realise that lots of things have changed here, including the URL of this blog! Why?! Why all these 'unnecessary' changes?

Let me explain.

Now, I registered this blog initially to just help out a few of my favourite rappers by promoting their songs, and getting more people to appreciate their hard work. This includes the likes of SonaOne, Karmal, Sayla and of course, Tactmatic. It did not get off to a very good start I must say, but the number of visitors of this blog has been increasing, and I honestly think it's time for me to try something else. Something a little more difficult, and a bit more challenging.

So what am I planning to do? Transform this into a blog that'll be home to the lyrics of ALL your favourite Malaysian songs! Sounds insane doesn't it? I know, but I genuinely think it's worth a shot. If this proves to be a success, I'll DEFINITELY consider forking out a little bit of money to buy a domain and to develop a proper website, instead of just managing a small, considerably unknown blog, but it all depends on the feedback that I receive.

If you guys have got any questions, feel free to contact me, either via a social network, or just by dropping a comment in any of my posts.

Thanks, and trust me, I've got lots of ideas for this project! Stay tuned!

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