Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Give Em The Ughh - K-Town Clan" Lyrics

Intro (Chorus)

Party People, lemme get down (3x)
Give Em The Ughh (x5)

1st Verse (Roshan)

Swing me a bottle of henny and label me absolutely gully,
I keep it rusty, in a good way,
I keep it rusty in Malay,
I’m used to karat, not the carats,
Yes I am crunk, I got the ballots,
Girls go, ta na na na,
Fellaz go, kata kata kata ka..

2nd Verse (Big Bo)

Switch them flows we taking it slow,
Girls on the dancefloor,
Shaking that thang, the beats insane,
Whoop there it goes again,

Ughh, mamee she breakin no sweat,
She dippin it low and bringin it back,
Like Ms. New booty, Give it a smack, Give it a smack like a colli-park track


3rd verse (Roshan)

Nah, move move move move, gimme sum space,
Gimme sum room,
I need to get down to the floor,
So I can just stand and she can get low,
She can get low, and I can get high,
Don't wanna see blue flashing lights,
Pass the lights,
Red yellow green,
Pass the lights like Bob Marley,

4th verse (Dra-Vid)

Where’s the show I’ll be running in at,
Hit the bar and they give me a black,

Slow it down baby slow it down,
Feel the beat with the trembling ground,

Draaaa, They see me they run….
Draaaa, Baby lemme get down….

Pretty mama here wanna have fun,
Philly, G, Vid – Crunk Town.

Bottles in the air, (You heard me now)
Another lady (Can't curse me now)
Philly Rocka Raaga, Pohduda Dravida
Vettellai pohtu inge aadidaaa……

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