Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Run This - Ego, Jin Hackman, Tactmatic, Roshan, SonaOne, Sayla, Kraft" Lyrics


Uh, call me Ego, that's my doppelgänger
A maestro, make double bangers,
And fair skin chicks call me handsome,
Rob your bitch no ransom,
And I make more hits than the Jacksons,
I came to conquer Anglo Saxons,
Whatcha know about labels,
Deals on the table, lawyers and the cables,
And I make this hit with a flick with a mix,
And half of this chicks wanna have my kids,
And I'm never gonna quit like a habit, have it,
Shit so real as a hazard, fit like a misfit,
And I'm way far past it, cop my style's gonna make you look pasted,
And I feel real big like a fat chick's waist is,
And you wasted.

Jin Hackman

Hah! Hah!

Dope flowing, show you where my level is,
Childish rappers shitting like bricks,
Cause I run this, like a gold medalist,
Fuck around, beat you with my mind like a mentalist,
Superfly, you just a bird watcher,
I'm the cross between Dre and The Hurt Locker,
In other words.. *boom* I'm explosive mother fucker!
I'll kill rappers with a spork for sport,
I'll swap my squad, abort that thought,
Ricky Ross suck my balls, I'm the boss,
I'm Sivaji doing backward somersaults,
Delivery so fresh so clean, I mean, I'm mean!
No one in your corner can touch me, broken iPad screen!
Used to do it for kicks like a sneaker head,
Now I do it for the love and to stack chips,
But some cats ain't eating on some techno shit,
So keep your day job, is what I tell these kids


What it look like

Wait for a second would you reckon that you never for a second thought that I wouldn't come and kill this shit,
I'm a skinny Indian kid, feeling a little bit big,
My achievements are appealing bitch,
How're you ever gonna chase my level, when I'm humble and I'm never gonna be foolish kid,
Bet a rapper know that in the middle of a flow that had gotten approval and I'm through with this,
Incredible, the flow I kick impeccable,
This ain't my cup of tea when fellas asking me, I tell em' that
This style is so original, this soul is from Adidas yo,
I do it just for kicks it's like I'm living for my sneakers though,
Kicking it with the Ego, cause he does know that he's a bro,
The rest of ya'll can see the show cause being me ain't feasible,
What it look like though, I'm done with that,
So throw your cameras away, no need no photo finish,
When I run this track, funny that,
You keep my name out of your mouth like it's a spoiled snack,
It look what it look like


These other muthafuckers all illusional, can't rap for nuts think they cool like popsicles,
All of these suckers ain't shit to me, when they claim to be all I see is wack emcees,
Wannabes, never gon'bes wanna be me,
How the hell you gon' touch, what you can't reach, bitch,
They don't really run shit, doing a nine-to-five past 7-11,
Grab three for ten cans, bitch about me with their friends,
Two plus two, who the fuck is the man?
You might have swag, fancy clothes
But I make better music, everybody knows,
Smoke when I wanna, drink when I wanna,
Call the shots in, I make a club banger, bang her,
Give her the ughh, like she wanna,
Get with me, that's why her boy turn sour,
Crunk mother lover, higher than the user,
Filipino brother, lyric carburettor,
I'm so sure this all makes sense, cause I'm so drunk with confidence,
Haaahh Hahaaaaa


Hello, hello, hello,
What it do what it is,
Everybody wanna know what's good where the kids,
Still outta my mind, still stupid and sick,
Like eww, i'll be drooling a bit,
Every little thing I do is huge,
I'll be getting dumb like I blew a fuse,
Got a lot of ladies I can pick and choose,
Poking on my balls no Pikachu,
Ew ew ew that's gross, like a baby puked on your clothes,
And I'll be burning up the bowl in the kitchen,
While you having soup with your folks,
I agree, I might come off as just a little crazy,
If they put me in asylums, there's no way that it can change me,
I'm an illness imma kill it,
We'll be on then it pandemic,
When it hits you, you won't even have the time to fuckin' panic aarrrgghhh.


Leggo, leggooo!
Hold up, you be fronting?
Drop a couple tracks you act like you mean something?
Man, what have you been tokin?
Stop penning about the bitches you’ve been FB pokin’,
Haa, Emcee Lohan – all drama swasta, bitch you boring.
Sayla’s got ‘em swag-jackin, like I’m Mikey ‘ch-kha’ Jackson.
You be feeling my soul when I be spitting my flow,
Though I’m keeping it low I know you’re feeling it too, right?
Cause the way I’m pennin this is kinda like a novelist,
Made a couple bad calls, kinda like Condoleezz Rice,
But I’m back on the dynamo,
Dig a little deeper for the gold, the scene’s Guantanamo,
Codename me Jeranimo, packin’ in that Canamo,
Do to you what Platinum and Plan B did to P. Ammo, haa,
Eyo, keep your chin up – Jay Leno,
Sing and rise with the sun – Coldplay, Yellow,
I’m from another world dropping by just to say hello, Hello!
So get off my coat tail and all.


I'm told.. I'm broke..
I'm on a hustle
I'm at it on a daily
All day everyday
I'm okay..
I'm told.. I've fold..
How the fuck are these people gonna break me?
When they already know they ain't made me..
Please lah
I'm told.. I'm gold..
Ain't the average go getter
I'm an olympic medalist gold getter
Attitude crude like liquid gold
Homeboy K 87 born
24K, I'm purely gold
If I ally.. I'm alloy..
International KL boy..
Truth be told..
Off I go..
I got an awesome flow
You're so awful bro
So move it bro
Before I remove your soul
Off you go.. off you go..
I'm told.. I'll so..
Run this pretty much on boost control
So if I loose control
I'll reduce control
Down to cruise control
I'm a virus that rises
As scientist eye this
Their iris recognize
I'm ill.. I'm real
Plus I'm told.. I'm a pro
Step to the scene back fresh to death
I'm right back where the fuck I left
KL KL holler back
Let's run this motherfucker man..
I'm your MY numero uno, motherfuckers.
And you know that!

This, in my opinion, is one of the best, if not the best, Malaysian rap song. Seriously, it's fresh as hell. Please leave a comment if you think any changes need to be made to the lyrics :) 


  1. Uh, call me Ego, that's my doppelganger

  2. They might could work on more with the music..but yet still sounds cool overall..way to go malaysian artists!

  3. Kraft purely gold lah!

  4. Produce more stuff like this!!!!! I love it eeee :D

  5. Are you freaking kidding me? Its like the best rap song in Malaysia for god sake! Well done.

  6. Dopest song ever!!! The best rap song ever!!!! Swag!

  7. Where is Kraft now? I've been looking this bloke on the twitter, facebook and youtube still couldn't find him yet

  8. Kraft is known as Aman-Ra now. He's into Malay rapping nowadays.

  9. If only ego didn't brag bout making more hits than the Jacksons. But overall bravo! Jamrock killed it tho. Ktc for life!

  10. Sayla’s got ‘em swag-jackin. cool stuff!

  11. Sayla’s got ‘em swag-jackin. cool stuff!