Friday, May 27, 2011

"Mango - SonaOne ft Karmal" Lyrics (Ill Legal Downloads vol. II)



Yo it's a late night, real late David Letterman,
I can name you any strain, yo I'm a veteran,
Like the King Kush, my reign will never end,
Smokin' like monsoon, my rain just never ends,

Smell the Cheddar cheese, (?) needs some airway,
Quarter rounds butt got you lookin' like a scared bitch,
Gotcha passed out, you're a toy like a Bearbrick,
And I be smashed out manipulatin' snare kicks,

I need the mango for my mental conviction,
I am sick and here's a bunch of instrumentals to listen,
Whenever the sense of (?) has entered my system,
I'm like a cannibal soldier that will set on a mission,

I throw down, overpower any sober coward,
Claim to smoke a pound of sour deeper and as dope as ours,
Fuck around and get your eggs scrambled,
Never get entangled, we gettin' twisted on the illest mango,


Uh.. Karmal,
Another beautiful day, still her and have a (?)
Still got so many to say, some haters need to be straight,
Consolidate with them fucks, don't say nothing to me face,
Flow FAM we puttin' it down, check out the skills when we blaze,

Step with a new feelin', or with the FAM killin',
Smoking and just chillin', recording just illin',
Packed in my (? Millens) just sprawling outta control,
But nothing comes between me, and the sticky mango,

You know we still got it, the fire in the oven,
Bitches be stalkin' us, the want the superlovin',
Fly high and taking trips, straight into outer space,
Ey you can join me, we make it our space,

But let me let you know, something that you should know,
Don't get me wrong though, turn down that hugeo,
Baby you're number two, can never be the one,
And I'll get back to you, after this mango's done.


Groove to this one while smoking yerr shit :)


  1. mang-mang-mang-mang-mango !! :D

  2. Penipu sial. Syok sendiri buat blog sendiri, then claim ada "fan" buat! And y'alls gonna delete this comment like how you done did the others. Second verse is whack! The same ol shit everytime.. Vocab dah habis ke. Kesian..

    1. ayo u mesti shok sendiri menyebok kat blog org haha stupid hater made yur own song and put in in line lah fucker dopeshit!

  3. Urm, yeah. Sure. Firstly, NONE of the comments on this blog have been deleted. I wouldn't do such a thing, unless the comment is just plain stupid.

    Secondly, yes, it is run by a fan. Up to you to believe it. I can definitely prove it to you, but hey.. I doubt it would work out. Ignorant people.. sigh.

    Finally, if it's SonaOne who's the author of this blog, then why on earth would there be mistakes in the damn lyrics? I couldn't even figure out the lyrics to the chorus of this track. Fikir sikit la bro..

  4. bro much respect! hidup fans sonaone! haha! ignore haters. thnx fr collecting all sonaone songs in a blog. u make it easier for us, instead of need to search on youtube. aman tanpa peperangan.

    p/s: bro, design header kasi gmpak skit!! :D

  5. Thanks for the support man! :) It's people like that actually gives me the motivation to keep working on this blog :)

    Ah yeah, the header. I'm not too good a designer. Actually, I suck at designing. Haha.. so I'm waiting for a few friends of mine to get me something decent. If you have any ideas, feel free to contact me man :)

  6. hey,
    sick blog. good one! i love sonaone.
    em, do you have the link to download Ill Legal Downloads Vol 2? please.
    thanks :)


    There you go dee' :)