Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just wish to make things clear...

For those who keep asking me questions like, "Are you SonaOne?" or "Is this blog owned by SonaOne?" Here's an answer for you guys. I am NOT SonaOne, and I'm just a huge fan of his, just like you people. I decided to come up with this blog to promote SonaOne, as I clearly mentioned in the first page of this blog, when it was initially created.

So yeah, some of you feel that I actually am SonaOne. If I were SonaOne, why would I make any mistakes in the lyrics at all? That would just be.. stupid isn't it?

Up to you people to believe, but all I'm trying to do, is to give SonaOne a helping hand. Get on boat with me, and support SonaOne as well as this blog, instead of trying to ridicule all my hard work. Thanks a lot. :)

(This is just for those who're throwing blatant accusations at me etc)


  1. I've got no real intention in wasting my time here, trying to argue with you and provide proof that I'm not SonaOne, so yeah. I'll just leave you to believe what you wish to believe. :)

  2. Dinesh! I know you very well..