Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"2010 - SonaOne" Ill Legal Downloads

Ey.. yeahhh...

Check it check it check it out, yo, check it check it,

Uh.. Welcome to the future, I need a few beers,
I need a couple tokes, bitches it's a New Year,
I need more liquor more bitches cause it's a festival,
Choppin' more samples and choppin' more vegetables,

Welcome to my kitchen, I am known to be a great cook,
Take over your mind with line sweeter than the bakers,
Ya'll are now programmed, (the word forever?) stay hooked,
Now here's another 'rapplication' for your Facebook,

It's the murderers, SonaOne oh you ain't heard of him?
Wait until the album drop it just so you can purchase it,
Or even download whatever the method,
I expect you to get efficiency, in neck to this record,

I am a fine knight, rhyme rider, night and skylight time,
Twenty four, three sixty five for a lifetime,
Skater boys hatin' on the way that I grind rhyme,
Kinda like a genius, you can call me 'RhymeStein',

Dynamite type blast, boom and I rap landmine,
Hiding, and you fallin' into my trap.. blehh!
Twenty ten and I'm a start with a bang,
Takeover when imma start from Johor to Penang,
Thailand to Singapore, then Jakarta, Japan,
Worldwide muthafuckas, that's just part of the plan now,

I get stupid witted, even when the camera's on,
Random like a baby panda chillin' in the Amazon,
Eagle-eye, cherry pop, see me through the spy cam,
Ain't no spot sweeter than where I am,

Climbin' steady till my limit is burned,
And I ain't need to break it down into idiot terms,
And I ain't even need to say a word to make a bitch notice,
Cause every time I spit, ya'll fallin' under my hypnosis,

Yeahh, and this is do or die day,
When you're under my spell, better do as I say,
Now.. I'm on another level, elevators don't reach,
New school mind state, other schools don't teach,

Last thing we need is more sheep, more money,
We got a stack living off the (goat cheese?),
It's the future now, time for the pole shift,
Had an agenda, now it's time for us to proceed,

Doin' things clairvoyance couldn't foresee,
It's SonaOne yo, by now you should know me,

Hey hey hey hey (following the beat.. )

Download : 2010 MP3

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